Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Giving Thanks, One Card at a Time

card of scraps
i bought a bunch of blank notecards because i owe a lot of thank-you notes. i winged a technique from the Denyse Schmidt book to stitch scraps on the cards. for mine, i pinked around the edges and then stitched them on. it was fairly easy and only took a few minutes. i had every intention of making a bunch of these at once but i ended up only making the one i immediately needed to use. at least i know i can stitch them up quickly if necessary.
Hawthorne Threads order
i'm behind on my stash photos. i think we'll end on more FMF today.


  1. I love the card! You're right; it's so easy to do something like that, but it makes a great statement. Lovely FMF choices! Did you decide what to do with your FQs yet?

  2. very cute card!  i used to have all sorts of scrapbooking supplies and i have given most of them away now.  i need more room for fabric!  love that fmf, so pretty.



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