Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A Chilly Summer

Brr fat quarter bundle
from the blue chair had a giveaway and I was the super lucky recipient of a Brr fat quarter bundle! i participated in 2 of her color wheel charm swaps. she was a great host and has several awesome tutorials including a method of stitching hsts that i use all the time. i just love this happy bundle of fabric. i think that it coordinates perfectly with moda summersville.
i bought a fat quarter bundle of the entire line and got one yard of 2 of my favorite prints. i have several other things i want to get to first but i'm looking forward to combining these on down the line.
Me-Made-May started up today. i'm planning to do outfit posts on Fridays so that i can take pictures when i get home from work instead of trying to rush in the mornings. also i've decided to take weekends off. hopefully this'll cut down on photo fatigue.


  1. Yay!! Yes, you are awesome for winning that Brrr bundle! I should have some Summersville n the way soon; can't wait!

  2. i can't wait to get my summersville soon!   love it.  



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