Monday, May 21, 2012

the cardigan problem

Effortless cardigan
I attempted to address my cardigan problem right away by casting on for the Effortless cardigan. Jacey was kind enough to give me this pattern last year as a birthday gift. I started it quite awhile ago with some cascade 220 but I didn't like how open the fabric was on size 9 needles so I frogged it and put it aside.

I cast-on again for the 34" size using #7 needles with the same yarn. however, i completely forgot that in the interim i'd used the yarn to make my french press slippers. i was worried that i won't have enough yarn for the sweater so i added in couple of stripes of handspun yarn. it's very close to the same thickness as the cascade so it's a nice match.

i'm on the waist increase rows now. i cast-on half of the front extension stitches based on many recommendations in Ravelry that the full extensions overwhelm petite ladies and also to manage my yarn. i'm pretty sure i should have enough to finish.

of course, it's now 86 degrees outside so knitting a worsted weight sweater is like torture. hopefully i can finish it up before it becomes completely unbearable.


  1. I love the subtle stripes you added! Such a great idea to stretch the yarn! I'm glad you're knitting it (again). Hope you can finish before the heat! It's already here, so not much worsted knitting going on. Although, I've got to make a cowl for my sister's upcoming Alaska trip, and those washcloths I mentioned!

  2. it is soo pretty!  i hope you get done before you melt in it!  ;)



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