Thursday, May 10, 2012

blast from the past

once upon a time, Nicke requested star blocks to make a wedding quilt for Jacey. i was happy to participate and i fully intended to make Pat's star. i even made a test block for my sampler quilt to try it out.
Aunt Rachel's Star
then ambition struck and despite the fact that this was the month+ when i was sick as a dog, i decided to embrace the challenge of Aunt Rachel's Star because apparently i go insane when i'm sick. it is paper-pieced (not one of my strengths) and the little HSTs are tiny. in all honesty it wasn't the best move. i can't remember what fabrics i used other than kona ash for the background and some echo. i know that it took me an entire day to make this one block. my star overall was a little under 12.5" so i hastily added some borders in kona coal, apologized to Nicke for my sloppiness, and called it a day.

fortunately my "contribution" didn't ruin the amazing finished quilt. it looks incredible and i am ever so jealous that Jacey has so many talented friends.

since i'm not doing links this month because of Me-Made-May, I thought I'd sneak in a little bit of what's on my mind today.

I just bought this dino toy pattern (on sale for $4!) i'm a big danger craft fan and i loved dinosaurs as a kid. i'm definitely going to make one or two of these as gifts.

i also finally got the envelope clutch pattern. i want a cute little purse for summer and i've seen so many adorable versions.

i've been listening to iron and wine on spotify.

love rondo (sometimes), but this jacket is a crime against humanity. it's like something you would stumble upon at a thrift store. you'd snap it up because it's so atrocious and then don it at a party ironically. it is not something you'd wear to a press conference on purpose. maybe that's why he was in such a bad mood?


  1. i love this block!  i was so amazed to see it in person because those squares... holy hell they are teeny tiny!  i think you did a wonderful job on it!  xo  loving that clutch pattern, i should really buy it! 

  2. I really can't tell you how much I love your block, and the quilt. I'm dying for my wedding pictures, but especially so I can properly share the quilt! You blew me away with your teeny tiny piecing. I bought the clutch pattern, too, but haven't tried it yet. Also, dinos!!



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