Thursday, May 03, 2012


Simplicity 2443
Pattern: Simplicity 2443
Fabric: Cotton/poly interlock from joanns
Size: 10
Simplicity 2443
this dress started out fairly uncomplicated and then became a near disaster. after reading the reviews i planned to omit the zipper. i cut the straight size 10 without modifying the waist because it's a knit dress. i shortened a couple of inches off the hem. all went perfectly well until i had everything finished but the hem. i tried on the dress and it wouldn't go over my head. the directions tell you to cut the waistband and facing on the lengthwise grain and to interface it so there is no stretch. i considered unpicking the left side and adding a zipper but i don't think it would fit even then. so i ripped out the original (including all of the serged seams), recut the waistband and facing so that it stretches widthwise, and put the dress back together. the second time it fit fine. it's sad because the first time around my skirt gathers looked absolutely perfect and they are less so now but at least it fits.

then i had the brilliant idea of using a decorative stitch on the hem. the hem got sucked into the throat plate tearing the fabric when i tried to remove it. so i did a terrible hack job on the hem and did a rolled hem on the serger instead. i can see now that it's uneven but i doubt i'll go back to fix it.

i do like the style and it's a comfortable dress so i would consider making it again, without the mistakes this time. i would move up the pockets though. they are too low for me to be useable.


  1. Way cute, Sara! It looks darling on you. I've been meaning to try this pattern. Thanks for the fitting tips.

  2. wow sara, it looks great on you!  sorry about all of the mishaps.  i love the color!

  3. I wouldn't have known about the mistakes from looking at your pictures! It's really a great color on you, and again, I love the racerback!

  4. I have been so impressed by all your sewing lately -- and this particular dress makes me long to make another one (I made one, shoddily, and it's gone into my me-made graveyard but I love the pattern all the same). 



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