Friday, April 20, 2012

My aging kitties

the thought occurred to me that i got Ellie and Wyatt at seven and six weeks old, respectively, post college graduation 2002, which would make them 10 years old now.

Wait, we're how old now?
i thought that eventually they would slow down and be the cute lap kitties they were destined to be, but they are still as monstrous as ever. in fact they might even be worse now. i blame Spicy's bad parenting. ahem.

Shut up, Ellie. You're the older one.

I'm going to kill you, just as soon as i'm done killing this toy bird. She hates me.

blackkitty refuses to tell us how old she is, just like a lady should. so we'll celebrate all three kitty birthdays at once. may there be many more happy days to come.


  1. Happy Birthday to the furry bunch!  Calvin is up next - he's going to be 6!  I can't believe it!

  2. Happy birthday, kitties! They are all so sweet (at least from over here!). I can't even tell you how crazy my cats were when we got home Saturday night. Bonkers.



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