Thursday, April 05, 2012


i took a slight detour from my sewing plan to make something easy.
Butterick 4789 and Jalie Jeans
the top is Butterick 4789 size 8 in cotton/poly interlock from joanns. i've made this top a couple of times before and i remember it being somewhat tedious but this time around it went very smoothly and i finished it in just a few hours. i don't like butterick directions for sewing knits. they seem to be written as if they were for wovens. i eliminated the back darts and made a rolled hem on all of the raw edges. i wish i would have cut the back on the fold but i forgot. i rarely wear the other versions that i made because the V-back makes the sleeves fall off my shoulders. on this one i adapted the back neckline to be a crew neck and it stays up now. i like the ease of the built-in cap sleeves even though they may not be the most flattering for my frame. i will probably eventually make this one again because the twist top is one of my favorites. it's nice to have a white t-shirt that's a little out of the ordinary.
Butterick 4789 and Jalie Jeans
i made these pants awhile ago, but as usual i am slow with photos. my second time around with the Jalie Jeans was not as successful as the first. i used a stretch corduroy from fabric mart. it looks and feels more like a brush twill because the wales are so narrow as to be practically non-existent. i adapted the curved waistband from simplicity 2700 and added a coin pocket. i used the instructions from kwik sew 3504 because they are very clear and i actually made spicy a pair of jeans at the same time--making them assembly line style (but don't tell anyone we basically have the same pants, mmm-kay?). i used this tutorial to add cargo pockets.

so seeing these photos forces me to realize how terrible the fit is. there are 2 things going on here, i think: 1) they are too tight. the corduroy has stretch but it is not nearly as stretchy as my first pair of jalie jeans. the tightness at the waist/hips causes it to sag and bag in other spots. 2) i don't know how to counteract this, but adding the cargo patch pockets when the pants were unstretched causes them to distort the fit when they are actually being worn. i probably should have anticipated this and maybe just not applied the pockets on pants with such a close fit. i added the same pockets to spicy's pants and they look fine.

at any rate, skinny cargoes have been on my wishlist for quite some time now, so i can cross that one off even if the fit isn't ideal. i'll be back next week with more of my sewing plan. i'm inching ever closer to completing everything on it. it's a springtime miracle.


  1. i really love this shirt sara!  it looks so great on you and i love the detail on the back pockets on the pants.  i can't wait to see your full wardrobe!

  2. I can't tell you how proud I am that you're accomplishing so much of your wardrobe list! The shirt is so impressive, even if you say it's easy to make.
    Also, I'm sorry I haven't responded to your last email! I'll work on that today. I hope you're doing well!

  3. too funny!  I was looking at that pattern recently--but in the mindframe of how accessible the girls would be for infant nutritional purposes.  Hmmm...



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