Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheerful Chores

Ironing board cover
i bought my ironing board from target about 9 years ago. it was looking really nasty and the cheap foam pad was worn down to the metal so i finally made a replacement cover. i used this tutorial and recycled the cording that came with my original cover. the fabrics i used are kumari garden, ruby star rising, kona solid (i forget which color) and riley blake chevron.

because i am super lazy sometimes i stupidly did not measure beforehand. my ironing board is apparently considerably longer than the one in the tutorial. i solved this by throwing in an additional fabric (the kumari garden). i don't mind the effect, really, but it was dumb to plunge ahead without measuring first. i found that there was a lot of fabric waste as well, so my pieces probably didn't need to be as wide as the tutorial demands either.

i replaced the old foam pad with insulbright by using the old pad as a template. i stitched on some elastic at each end and slid it on the board. i was tired by the end of all this so i didn't pull the cording as tightly as i could have. i should really go back and fix it. it's a little looser than i'd prefer.

i'm thrilled to have such a cheery ironing board now. it's silly how much a little thing makes a difference. ironing will never be one of my favorite activities but at least i can derive some happiness from drinking in some of my favorite fabrics every time i whip out the iron.


  1. the seams aren't noticeable when you iron?  I'm a little ocd and need a FLAT ironing board!   

  2. I've had this on my to-do list for ages. I appreciate the tip on width; I'll be sure to measure. I love the fabrics you chose!

  3. Oh yes! that is lovely!

  4.  Wow! You've been on a tear lately, so impressive. What a cheery board and great way to use fabric. Plus I've loved your recent creations and have been meaning to tell you -- the darling ranges dress in denim! Totally stylish and useful :)

  5. i really like it.  when i made mine i just put it right over the old cover and it is working for now but i am worried it will start to discolor the new cover.  my old cover was pretty disgusting! ;)  the insulbright is a great idea!

  6. I am absolutely doing this - my ironing board is really gross - makes me not want to iron! Thanks for the idea and the link!



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