Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a bag to put my knitting in

The My Precious QAL has me thinking about using those special fabrics that i have a hard time cutting into. awhile back i bought several fat quarters of my favorite designs from spoonflower when they were on sale. i've been hoarding most of them ever since, waiting for that perfect project.
Color Affection
it just so happens that my color affection quickly outgrew the box bag i was using to contain it. i modified the in color order drawstring bag tutorial to make a lace project bag.
Bunny bag
i love this bunny fabric so much. i also used some riley blake dots, DS quilts dots for the lining, and a moda bella solid for the ties. it's not pictured but my FQ wasn't quite large enough so i added a strip of riley blake ice cream to the bottom. i made the bag larger to accommodate a decent-sized knitting project but i ran into a snafu. i modified the pattern to cut out squares to make the gussets but my brain wasn't functioning correctly and i made the squares too large. the gussets are twice as deep as they should be so the bag is wider and less tall than i had envisioned. fortunately the shawl still fits in there just fine.
i like using my favorite fabrics for everyday things that i actually use, like my new ironing board cover, my wallet, and this bag. as much as i'd like to save all my favorites for quilts, i think i'll get to enjoy them this way much more.


  1. great bag sara.  i bet it is so satisfying every time you use it! 

  2. Do you have a link to the bunny fabric?  I adore your bag!

  3. Thanks! the fabric is here:


  4. So true.  Recently I have been thinking that I need to make a tote from some of my most hoarded fabrics since I use my totes nearly daily to/from the office!

  5. Bunnies! So cute. I really need to get my act together and make a knitting project bag. You'd think I'd have one or two lying around, but nothing for big projects. Also, your shawl is coming along nicely? Are you still enjoying it?



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