Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Vogue 8747
I decided to make another Vogue 8747 with my white handkerchief linen. i'm glad i sewed it again shortly after the chambray version--this time around went much faster than the first.
Vogue 8747
i left out the collar and made short sleeves. this version has half an inch of sleeve cap ease removed. i also took slightly smaller seam allowances on the princess seams and the sides. i have more breathing room in the waist and hips now, but the bust is a little too big. if i make it again i'll have to remember to taper the seams. i'm not in love with the sleeve length--one of these days i will have to figure out how to draft cap sleeves.

the handkerchief linen is pretty sheer. i am more comfortable wearing a tank top underneath. it's also a little stiff. i hope it softens up with more washes. one thing i forgot to mention about this shirt last time: i really like that it doesn't have 5000 buttons. i put the buttons/buttonholes on my darling ranges dress last night and it took freaking forever. this shirt has just the right amount of buttons but avoids the unnecessary ones at the top that i would never button anyway.
Vogue 8747
for the record, in case anyone is interested, i do not make petite adjustments to the body on shirts (only for sleeves). i actually have a normal to slightly long torso for such a short person. it's my arms and legs that are the outliers.

i'm super happy to have 2 basic button-down shirts in my rotation. i'm sure i will wear both of them frequently. i could probably use a couple more but i'm setting aside this particular article of clothing for now.

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  1. I'm curious about your numbering. Is that the order you finished them? Just being nosy. Pay no mind. 
    This looks like a great basic, definitely. When you say taper your seams, do you mean take a larger seam allowance up top and then gradually take a smaller one?



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