Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Next up: Vogue 8747
Vogue 8747
I used cotton/poly chambray from the Lisette collection at Joanns. it's slightly heavy for a shirt but should be wearable for 3 seasons. I cut a size 10 grading to a 12 at the waist and back to a 10 at the hips. I shortened the sleeves 2.5" and i need to take out another inch since they are still slightly too long.

this pattern is drafted for a very close fit. so far i've found that vogue patterns don't build in as much ease as the rest of the big 4. the waist and hips on this shirt are a little too tight. it definitely wouldn't have fit if i hadn't expanded the waist. i also found that there was a bit too much sleeve cap ease.
Vogue 8747
overall the instructions were fine except that i found the collar/collar stand portion a little confusing. i haven't made many button-down shirts before so it might just be my inexperience. i used the directions from Power Sewing to do the sleeve placket. this shirt seemed to take forever to make, but i sewed up another version and it went much faster the second time around.

i'm sure that this shirt will become a favorite in my work wardrobe. i'm loving the cotton/poly chambray too--it doesn't really wrinkle so i can get away with not ironing. yay shirts!


  1. Very nice!  And no ironing--bonus!!! 
    Yeah I have to google stand collar tutorials every time I do one!

  2. You are getting so good!! And it's funny; I hate ironing clothes, but I don't mind ironing fabric. I'm glad this one will be low-maintenance!

  3. it looks amazing!  you sewing skills are so impressive!

  4. What a crisp look!  Nicely done!



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