Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Please excuse the indulgence of 2 almost identical photos. i couldn't decide which one was better so i kept them both.
Darling Ranges Dress
There is a darling ranges dress sewalong going on right now. i have never been able to follow a sewalong because in general they move too slowly for me. there is a lot of helpful information about alterations in this particular sewalong. i kind of wish i had been more patient as some of the info would have been really nice to have.
Darling Ranges Dress
I used some dark blue cotton chambray that i bought at Hancock fabrics when I was visiting my family last year. it is the softest fabric in the most perfect shade of navy blue. i bought all that was left on the bolt but there wasn't very much. i'm not sorry i made the dress but i wish that i had more because i would love to have a skirt and a button-down shirt from this fabric. the buttons are metal from
Darling Ranges Dress
i had a sizing snafu with this dress. i picked the XS based on the measurements on the back of the envelope (which lists 10 size groupings even though there are actually only 5 sizes). however, the bodice does not have a huge amount of ease, so if you are in between sizes i would go up a size. i had to recut the bodice in a size S when i realized that there was no way the XS would fit. luckily i had enough fabric to do so.

i shortened the skirt by 1.5 inches by removing one buttonhole. i'm not a huge fan of elastic gathered sleeves, so i made narrow cuffs instead. i shortened the sleeves slightly as well. i added strips of of lightweight interfacing to stabilize the buttonbands. i said this yesterday but sewing buttonholes and buttons are some of my least favorite things to do. i should really just suck it up though--it wasn't that horrible and it didn't even take that long.

next time i would leave off the ties (thanks to my plump waist, they aren't necessary) and i need to alter the bust dart to be longer and angled slightly more. otherwise the fit was pretty good. i might also leave off the pockets next time, but i can never quite make up my mind as to whether or not i like them in dresses. i like how the neckline and buttonbands are finished. i used some leftover navy single fold bias tape and it looks very neat on the inside.

i will probably make this dress again. it reminds me of early 90s garb. i would like to find a small floral print on a black background in something drapey, like rayon challis. i'd like to do cap sleeves or go sleeveless as well. i'm also a big fan of this darling ranges shirt. i could see myself making one of those eventually.

i've wanted a chambray shirtdress for practically forever and i'm really happy with my casual and comfy dress. this is really quite a simple pattern and it's very adaptable. so if you like the style, i'd highly recommend the pattern.


  1. It's such a cute dress. The fabric really does look lovely.
    The top you linked to is great, also!

  2. I am midway through making this dress and am finding all sorts of odd things with the sizing.  Did you find your sleeves were too small to fit the armholes? I had to raise the shoulder seams by about 2cm to get the sleeves to fit.  (making sixe XS - I thought maybe I had made a mistake tracing...?)

  3. yes i definitely had issues getting the sleeves to fit the armholes. i think i skipped the ease line on the sleeve cap and just stretched it a little bit to fit. it's hard for me to remember now but i think that the straight portion of the cap under the arm is shorter than the armhole in that area. i also thought that maybe my tracing was off. i'm pretty sure my bodice front and back were not the same length either.



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