Thursday, April 26, 2012


Pinterest can be a bad influence in that i get seduced by all these cute styles and i feel the need to try them for myself. i decided i needed a pair of white slim fitting trousers. i bought 2 yards of ultra stretch cotton twill. it has 6% lycra and 25% stretch. i wasn't prepared for just how stretchy it is. it almost feels more like a knit than a woven. i dutifully prewashed my fabric and it's a very good thing that i did. there was a ton of shrinkage--going from 42" wide to 37". i could barely eke out the pattern and i ended up having to cut the waistband facing out of some white kona cotton.
Burdastyle 02/2010 #111
i started out with burdastyle 02/2010 #111. i probably traced a size 19 at the waist grading to an 18 at the hips. i ended up shortening and narrowing the legs at the ankle. i did make a muslin first to check the fit and then made more changes. so my final pattern isn't super close to the original.
Burdastyle 02/2010 #111
i cut the waistband facing and the interfacing on the bias to help match the stretch of the fashion fabric. because my fabric was so stretchy and because there wasn't enough of it i did this crazy thing with cutting out 3/8" seams using my handy seam guide and then sewing 5/8" seams. it all made sense in my head. as a result the waistband is slightly more narrow than it should be. i also made a lapped zipper and moved it to the back as i found the side zip in my muslin to be uncomfortable. i added a faux welt pocket to the right side on the back. i was looking for pocket ideas on jcrew and the one pocket thing seemed acceptable. it was easier to sew thanks to not having to match up the pockets but i think i prefer the look of 2.

i feel fairly self-conscious in these pants. i think that overall they are just too tight. i don't know what i was thinking with white either. i don't think i'm a white pants person. maybe i would've felt more comfortable had i underlined them. i liked the ease of sewing this pattern but i really prefer wearing fly front pants with front pockets of some kind. so i'm not sure if i'll revisit this pattern again. if i do there will be drastic modifications next time.


  1. i think they look good!  but I'm with you, I can't wear white pants..

  2. i really like them.  i think the one pocket is great and i like wearing white pants.  but i know we are all different.  i think they would look great with your boots.  

  3. Bryanna O'Mara4/26/2012 12:29:00 PM

    I am not usually a fan of the zipper in the back (terrified the zipper would loosen and lower!) but otherwise I love them and I think you look totally fantastic and trendy.  I especially like it paired with the red sweater and flats, but it would also look great with some stilettos and a blazer over the sweater.  That way people will focus on the brighter colors and the white just accents them.  You can so pull these off!

  4. I don't think I could pull off white pants, but I'm impressed! And seriously, every garment I see you make, I'm amazed at how far you've come!

  5. Hi,

    I am a newbie ..Please help.. This is my first project and I dont understand the instructions. It says :Cut piping tape into 2 equal pieces. Pin piping tape to front trouser pieces along side seam lines and to left
    opening edge so that piping cord lies on garment piece and the woven tape on the seam allowance. Baste
    piping tape in place, at left opening edge turning end in diagonally toward seam allowance, at waistband
    joining edge..
    I am not sure what is this piping for...



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