Thursday, March 01, 2012

a wee basket

Pink Penguin Patchwork Basket
I did a bit of organizing in the sewing room and it occurred to me that i really needed something to hold my ipod and phone chargers. i thought that the Pink Penguin basket might do the trick. i made this on a weekend morning--it was a great quick project. instead of fusible fleece i used cotton batting. the fabrics i used were from It's a Hoot, Echo, Ruby Star Rising, and a purple solid. i chose my fabrics based on the colors in the viewmaster fabric. the only alteration i made to the pattern was to cut squares out of the corners instead of sewing triangles and then cutting them off. oh and i also machine stitched the opening in the lining instead of hand-sewing because i was feeling lazy.

the basket works great, but i do wish it were just a little bigger. it would make a great last-minute gift--i highly recommend the tutorial.


  1. i love my little basket.  i still haven't made one though, mine was given to me in a swap but i use it every day.  i think it would be pretty easy to adjust the measurements to make it bigger.

  2. I made one of these for the Secret Santa twitter swap in December. I really wanted to make one for me immediately, but I got distracted by other things. I agree, though. It's a great pattern, and really works up quickly! Yours is adorable. 



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