Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Treat Yo-self

we got some wedding gift money so i decided to splurge on a Big Shot die cutting machine (right now only $60 at overstock). i won't lie--it looks like a tacky cheap piece of shit but it works fairly well. i like how it is relatively heavy and quite stable. the handle is easy to turn and i was able to cut 6 layers of fabric. i think i might have been able to go up to 8 but i was afraid of forcing it too much.
Big Shot
i got a tiny hst die, the two drunkard's path dies, and a 2.5" square. the finished HST is an odd size, 1 7/8" and you still have to cut off the dog ears. they have larger HST dies that eliminate the dog ears. i don't see myself using this HST much because it is very small. i don't know what i was thinking.
Big Shot dies
i tried out the dies with some it's a hoot scraps i had lying around. i had some issues with "hanging chads" where the fabric doesn't separate completely. for that reason i don't know that i'm completely sold on the machine yet. i'm going to try a few different things to try to fix that problem.

otherwise it is nice how quick it is to cut fabric using the machine. i stitched up the drunkard's path block and HSTs last night and it went very smoothly. if i purchase other dies it will probably be for shapes that are a pain in the ass to cut normally, like the apple core, and/or a larger and more practically sized HST. i can see myself using the 2.5" square a lot, and for that reason i might purchase the charm square die as well.

i know that the big shot is a multipurpose machine that does all kinds of papercutting things but i doubt i will ever use it for that purpose. the last thing i need is another craft. i do think it will come in handy for quilting, but right now i would consider it a luxury, not anything essential.


  1. I know a lot of people talked about the waste associated with the baby go. Does this classy machine seem wasteful, too? I always enjoy your reviews, by the way. 

  2. most of the dies are positioned so as to minimize waste. i do think it would be optimal to precut the fabrics to the appropriate width (usually just over 5" wide with the standard dies). there is a little waste but it didn't seem excessive to me. obviously an odd shape like the drunkard's path creates more waste, but that just means more creatively shaped scraps for the bin. i've never used a go baby so i don't have a point of comparison on that front. one thought i had was that using small scraps (smaller than the complete area of the die--which often cut multiple pieces) would be a little more wasteful and are harder to position on the die. then again, those tiny leftovers are probably getting thrown away anyway even if i used a rotary cutter.

  3. This seems like a useful little tool, especially when you want to make a quick project.  

  4. Intriguing! 
    You never know, papercrafting is good for card making.  I like having a few supplies around so I don't have to remember run to buy cards when I'm doing a baby/wedding/whatever gift.

  5. Cool - I've never even thought of getting one of these and I LOVE small HSTs and have tendon rotary cutting issues! Also getting in a bit of a quilting mood...must be spring time. (It looks like a toy - easy bake oven style - cracks me up!)
    and congratulations Mrs. Spicy!!! (I've been remiss in blog reading - oooops)

  6. did you say "treat yo self" when you bought it?  i love that show!  



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