Friday, March 09, 2012


it's been an exhausting week. i got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday from some of my blogging friends. it meant a lot to me to open up each little parcel and read the notes. i truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. thank you to Jacey, Nicke, Chawne, Christine, Melissa, and Kay.
care package
and because i'm still too tired for actual content, here's a little sample of blackkitty going crazy. she does this thing where she attacks her tail, then she lovingly rubs her face against it. blackkitty and her tail have an ongoing tumultuous relationship. (I love you tail, but you make me so crazy sometimes.)



  1. I'm glad we could bring a little smile to your face, Sara. You're a great friend! I hope you can enjoy a nice relaxing weekend, and maybe play with some of your goodies! I adore every kitty picture you share.

  2. xoxoxo!  i hope you have a very relaxing weekend.  put your and his feet up and watch movies until you pass out.  i love that kitty, if you ever need a kitty sitter, i would be happy to oblige! 



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