Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fancy That

Flea Market Fancy
I got into quilting after the original Flea Market Fancy craze. i only managed to get 1/4" yd of the gray seeds, and it was one of my favorites until i used the very last scrap. i splurged on 2 fat quarter sets from Hawthorne Threads. i pre-ordered some yardage too, which will eventually be on its way.

i think that tomorrow will be a FMF favorites edition. i need some inspiration on what to do with my new fabric!


  1. FMF was before my quilting time, too. I have half yards of the seeds and posies coming soon. I look forward to seeing your favorites tomorrow!

  2. NICE! I'm the same, just missed the FMF craze. After reading this post I clicked over to Hawthorne Threads expecting all the FMF to be sold out but to my complete surprise they were still well stocked up on everything! So, now I'm expecting a nice little package at my door next week. LOL!



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