Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wonky Bee 2: The Reckoning

Round 2 of the wonky bee just got started. I made my blocks for Melissa while I was sick so I can't say this was my best work. Melissa wanted radial blocks or stars of various sizes in red/aqua/white. i really love that color combo and hopefully i'll make a quilt for myself from those colors eventually.
Melissa's octagon block
I made this Octogonal Orb block without ever looking at the finished size. it turned out to be gigantic. the thought did cross my mind that it seemed a little bit large but i just ploughed through and realized too late that it's something like 17" square. i utilized all scraps for this block. my favorite piece is the red sherbet pips dog. i do like the block and i think it would make an awesome quilt. but it might not be the best one to tackle when you aren't feeling 100%.
Melissa's wonky star
for my other block i needed one that i could do in my sleep. so i did a simple wonky star with a medium gray background. i'm pretty sure this is a 9" block.

Melissa's concept sounds really interesting so i'm excited to see what she does with her quilt. i'm assuming it might be awhile since she seems rather busy at the moment.

oh yeah, thanks to everyone for your congratulations. for those of you who asked: i did make my dress. i wore the infinity dress i made a couple of summers ago. i also wore a pair of my new boots. we walked around the city quite a bit and they were pretty comfy so i'm quite happy with how that worked out. although by the end i might have just been too drunk to notice. evidently when you get married, people keep wanting to give you free alcohol.


  1. Both of your blocks rock. I am equally interested to see what Melissa does with all of the varied block sizes/patterns. It will be a fun wall-hanging, for sure! 

  2. Wow, I think your octagonal orb is one of the prettiest I've seen! Love it!



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