Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Salvage Project

Over the weekend, i got the urge to bust out my serger and sew up some knits. i've been wanting some comfy knit dresses. i used a modification from the Sew U Home Stretch book for the t-shirt pattern but lengthened it for a dress. i really love the t-shirt pattern because the drafting on the armhole is superb. there's no excess fabric in the sleeve cap and the cap and armhole fit together perfectly. additionally the waist marking hits me at my actual waist. it's a small miracle.
Sew U Home Stretch Minidress
I traced the small t-shirt and modified it for the dress by lowering the neckline, adding length to the sleeves, and adding length and width to the hem. I used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder seams. I also used clear elastic for the neckline and sleeves and used some leftover lingerie elastic to gather the waist. i don't think i stretched the neckline elastic enough because it gapes a bit. i'm not really in love with the zigzag over elastic look either, so it's possible that i would do a neckline binding next time. i also think the drafting instructions produce a neckline that is too wide, so next time i would add some width back to the shoulder. i also followed the directions from another mod in the book to make the t-shirt a minidress. i can't imagine that a normal person with a more regular leg length would not find it to be obscenely short--more tunic than dress. so be warned that adding 6 inches to the length (or whatever it was) is probably not enough.
Sew U Home Stretch Minidress
i might make this dress again because it's very comfy (after fixing the neckline and adding a little more length). i'm also not in love with the gathered 3/4 sleeves. i'd rather have regular long sleeves, i think. i do like the waist gathering and the dress would look nice with a belt, if i owned one that would look good. this cotton interlock from Michael Miller is fairly thick and warm. i bought the fabric almost exactly 2 years ago at a Super Bowl sale. over the summer i decided i wanted a maxi dress and cut out a pattern only to realize that the flowers were upside down. whoops. so i set it aside and i was able to salvage enough fabric to make this dress. it was probably for the best--the fabric would be too warm and heavy for a maxi dress.

you can sort of see that i am wearing the brown boots in the second picture. I asked Spicy to get pics of the full outfit but this is what he took. he did manage to get a nice view of the wood grain on the trim that he is currently stripping, however.

zappos was out of stock on one of the boots, and the other black ones zipped up easily but were comically wide at the top of the leg. they were also too long and hit the back of my knee when i tried to walk, so back they go. the brown ones are a bit of a struggle to get them zipped all the way up and they smelled oddly like furniture polish, but they are the perfect height. i wore them around the house a bit and was able to squeeze them over my brown corduroy skinny pants so i'm keeping them. i will very likely buy the same ones in black. i'm wearing them today to make sure they are comfortable and don't give me heinous blisters or something. fingers crossed.


  1. Yay for boots that fit! and I love the tunic! I would really love to have a tunic with some leggings and tall the time I get around to getting that ensemble it will probably be going out of style LOL!

  2. I'm glad you found some boots that fit the bill. The tunic is fun! If it were me, I'd totally agree with you on the length. I've never envisioned pulling this look off for myself, but you look adorable!



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