Thursday, February 16, 2012

An oldie but goodie

i finished both of these ages ago but must have forgotten to blog them.
Refashioned cashmere sweater and Simplicity 2700
another givmo cashmere sweater refashion. i shortened the sleeves a couple of inches and took in the sides. it took me less than an hour and i have another nice warm cashmere sweater to wear.
Refashioned cashmere sweater and Simplicity 2700
the pants are another version of Simplicity 2700. i made these as a final fit tweak before i sewed the lined black pants. this version is black denim from joann fabrics. i was lazy and left off any sort of back pocket and now i am reminded of how much that is a no-no for me whenever i wear the pants. otherwise they are fine.


  1. i bet the sweater is super soft.  awesome you are refashioning them.  i have a sweater i need to finish refashioning. ;)

  2. I love the refashioned sweater. It looks so snug. And the pants look really good; I'm with you on needing pockets on the back, though.



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