Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Big Dill Cardi

no big dill cardi
I have a ton of black poly sweater knit in the stash. for some reason i thought it was a good idea to buy 5 yards of it. while in my knits phase i made the billy cardi from no big dill. i stitched the whole thing on my serger and ignored the exposed shoulder seam thing.

i used the set-in sleeve t-shirt pattern from sew u home stretch as a guide. the diagrams on the website are useful but the only tricky part i found was it did not tell you how much to extend the collar up the shoulder. i made mine 4" tall. i also used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder seams. i left all of the hems raw.

i'm really happy with this sweater. it is very comfy and has already seen a lot of use. i hope to make a more colorful version soon.


  1. your clothing sewing prowess is amazing!  i need to be more adventurous and give it a whirl! 

  2. It looks like a very comfortable cardigan. And the name of the company is awesome!

  3. Very nice!  That style is actually really big in the maternity world...hee hee!



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