Friday, February 17, 2012

A Month of Craft Photos: Week 3

Day 11: WIP
Day 11: WIP
this one's now an FO.

Day 12: A Crafty Gift
Day 12: Crafty Gift
I can say more when the gift has been given.

Day 13: Inspiration Indoors
Day 13: Inspiration Indoors
I've always loved this pattern. maybe one day i will use it in a colorwork design.

Day 14: Where You Craft
Day 14: Where you Craft
not that i've done any spinning lately, but this is generally where the magic happens.

Day 15: A New Skill
Day 15: A New Skill
Embroidery is my newest skill. I was making this for my solids swap partner. Unfortunately due to some unfortunate personal circumstances, i had to pull out of the swap. i'm hoping to finish this up one day and put up the pattern. it's very easy to make but i find it soothing.

Day 16: Texture
Day 16: Texture
i designed this sweater for Spicy.

Day 17: Last FO You Used
Day 17: Last FO you used
My End of May Mittens. i never did make new mittens for this winter but i'm pleased that these have held up amazingly well. it hasn't been a particularly cold winter and they have done the job just fine.

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  1. I'm proud of you for sticking with the photo-a-day challenge. I've been awful at it, and am several days behind right now. I hope to get caught up this weekend.
    I love this series of photos. You're so talented, Sara! I'm loving that embroidery.



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