Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jalie Jeans muslin

Renfrew top and jalie jeans
so you probably didn't notice from yesterday's post that i am also wearing new pants. i bought the revered Jalie Jeans pattern probably about a year ago and i finally tried it out. i love that the pattern includes sizes for children through adults. it was fairly difficult to trace the pattern though. all of those intersecting lines get confusing.

i made a size R in the low-rise version and used some leftover stretch twill as my wearable muslin. i shortened the legs below the knee, narrowed the pant leg to be straight rather than bootcut, and i followed the directions in Power Sewing to do the fly front and shield. i also added a coin pocket. i left off the belt loops because i was exhausted and this was only my trial pair anyway.
Renfrew top and jalie jeans
sorry for the close-up of my ass, but i wanted to show my pocket stitching. i got experimental with some of my machine's fancy stitches. i wanted to topstitch everything in gray but wouldn't you know that i started to run out of thread so i had to keep switching back and forth between gray and navy thread. that wasn't fun.

i knew deep down that the rectangular bias waistband was not going to be a good idea but i did it anyway. the fit isn't great and it twists unattractively. many people have commented on the gaposis in the back, but mine wasn't too terrible. for my next pair, i've already narrowed the legs more, traced and modified the curved waistband of Simplicity 2700, taken just 1/2" total out of the back yokes and made a permanent coin pocket pattern piece. i think i also shortened it just a bit more as well. i bought stretch denim from joanns in 2 different colors.

now i am ready to make my jeans. if i can ever find the time, that is.


  1. they look great and look... you have boots that fit!!!!  did you keep all of the ones you chose or just those?

  2. Your decorative pocket stitching rocks, Sara! The pants look great. I know I've said this before, but I'm so in awe of your pant-making abilities!

  3. Great job on making these jeans.  I really want to make this pattern this year too.  Thanks for the inspiration.  Your pockets turned out super cute by the way!



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