Monday, February 13, 2012

it's t-shirt time

i'm still fighting this cold so i'm aiming for brevity.

i bought the Renfrew top after seeing many cute versions hit the blogosphere.
Renfrew top and jalie jeans
my first was View A with the scoop neck and long sleeves. this version uses some rayon jersey i bought from fabric mart awhile back. i shortened the sleeves by 2 inches but next time i need to shorten them more. i left the body length as is, but it's a little too long even for me.
Renfrew top
the next version was View C with the cowl neck and 3/4 sleeves. i bought a bunch of knit fabric from joann's recently. this is a cotton/poly interlock. it's very soft and a nice heavy weight for winter. i was impressed by the quality of the fabric. i got more in other colors. on this one i shortened the sleeves too much and i shortened the body 2 inches, which was also too much.
Renfrew 3
this one is View B with the v-neck and 3/4 sleeves. i got the sleeves right on this one and the body was shortened just 1 inch. i used a rayon jersey from joann fabrics. it feels identical to the green jersey.

for all 3 versions, i cut a straight size 4 only changing body and sleeve length. i used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder seams instead of twill tape. i used my serger on everything except for stitching around the neckband. i don't like the look of the zigzag--in the future i might switch to a different stitch. for the first time i used my rotary cutter to cut out the pieces and i have no idea why i resisted it so much before. it's a lot easier to be accurate with the cutter than using shears. with careful layout i was able to use much less yardage than the pattern called for. the pattern is a wonderful basic top pattern and i'm sure i will use it again and again. i probably won't try the short sleeves until it is warmer out.

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  1. You are making suck improvements! I especially like the scoopneck. You look so stylish in your super awesome boots!



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