Thursday, February 23, 2012

a decided Meh

When I'm in sewing mode, i like to try to sew as many things as possible without switching serger threads. i finished up my no big dill cardigan and immediately began looking around for other stuff to sew with black thread. i found the Pendrell blouse in linen/rayon that i had cut out over the summer but never sewn together.
pendrell top and simplicity 2451
So the reason I never finished this blouse was that after i made the muslin i knew that the pleated sleeves were going to look awful on me. and they do. here's an interesting question: why did i put the sleeves on when i could have just made the sleeveless shell? i would actually wear the sleeveless version. i think i made a few changes to the muslin. i shortened it a little and lowered the neckline. one day i will wise up and just make View C.
pendrell top and simplicity 2451
after the success of the gray skirt, i was itching to try the other view of Simplicity 2451. i left off the pockets which has led me to reverse my opinion on pockets yet again. i think that the skirt is lacking without them. i also made it a tad too long so doing the hem was a bitch. i used a cotton/poly chambray from the lisette collection. this was also a mistake--there's not enough drape in the fabric and it doesn't hang very well. i utilized a decorative stitch on the vertical seams to give the skirt some pizzaz, but it also made the skirt stiffer.

in case you can't tell, i'm completely unenthused by the whole outfit. they can't all be winners.


  1. how do you get so much done and work also???  i can't seem to figure out a good schedule.  i need to manage my time better!  i really love this outfit sara!  you are so so talented!

  2. I actually think the top is very flattering, although I think the sleeves would bug me, too. I can understand why you wouldn't want to wear it for that reason. I'm feeling guilty when I think about all of the fabric I've bought for clothes. I need to do something about that.

  3. I told you our style tastes were similar..or your blog posts are unconsciously affecting me!  I cut out the pieces for this skirt this week!  I totally spaced you had made this until I was checking out! 



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