Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wool Crepe is creepy

I finally took pictures of my sewing binge that occurred at the end of last year. it's fun to have new winter clothes. i'll be showing off some new outfits during the next few days.
Vogue 8672
Pattern: Vogue 8672 View E
Fabric: Wool crepe and poly lining from fabricmart
Size: modified 10 (probably--can't recall exactly)
Vogue 8672
it's hard for me to remember now but i'm sure i shortened the skirt--maybe 3 inches? i widened the waist and it's actually just a little too loose now. i had to let out the hip area. the skirt is meant to be very close fitting and it was too close for comfort. i added a lining using the pieces from View A. i wanted to attach the lining to the vent but i couldn't for the life of me make it work using this tutorial. this is around the time that i bought all those books on linings and sewing techniques. i decided to follow the directions in the lining book to partially line a skirt. unfortunately the fabric is a poly that was on sale for about $1/yd and it kind of sucks. it frays like mad, it's static-y, and it wrinkles like there's no tomorrow. this is one of those projects that taught me not to skimp on lining fabric.
Vogue 8672
this skirt did not go together well. every step was a giant PITA. so it's not as nicely finished as i would like because the more time it took the less i cared about doing a good job. it also doesn't look good on me. i feel weird wearing pleated or dirndl skirts to work because it seems too twee and informal but those are the skirts that actually flatter me, not the high-waisted pencil variety. this one is actually better than most because the gathers give the illusion of hips but still.

i also did not care for the fabric. the texture of wool crepe gives me the creeps. thank goodness i lined it or i'd probably never wear it. this may not be my favorite skirt and it's unlikely that i'll ever make it again, but i'm glad i got to try out some new techniques.


  1. Wow, that looks pretty tricky! It's a really pretty skirt and the color is so perfect with that navy blouse! 

  2. i really like it.  i think the ruching looks great and really gives you great curves.   think the yellow looks great with your blue top also.  did you make it?

  3. I love the color! And I agree; the ruching is fabulous on the hips! I've never tried lining, but I'll remember to not skimp. Good advice!

  4. Neeno from SewMeLove.com4/25/2012 06:04:00 AM

    I happen to think the skirt looks nice on u :)



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