Friday, January 13, 2012

what's with this white stuff?

i was enjoying all the 40 degree days. alas, it was fleeting.

i broke down and bought a couple pairs of wool tights. they are wonderful. i rarely ever wear skirts or dresses in the winter because my legs are always cold. these are fairly thick and have a heel like regular socks. and they're much cheaper than smartwool. i'm thinking about getting some leggings to wear under pants on extra cold days.

this week, i've been listening to Arcade Fire and The Black Keys.

i just bought a bunch of wool batting. does anyone have an experiences to share about working with wool?

i know that even after i finish Babette i will STILL have gobs of sock yarn. so i'm planning another crochet leftovers blanket. i can't decide if i want to do the square or the rectangle.

i love this texture. i have crochet on the brain right now.

check out these sweet embroidered mittens (rav). i adore the palm side.

i really love the use of black and white with the bright colors in the first quilt. i'm nothing if not predictable, i guess.

a riot of color.

i just bought this pattern. i have fabrics in the stash in mind but i should probably make a muslin first. i'm more likely to wear the blouse version but if i like it, i may make the dress also.

this weekend i will be crocheting up a storm, finishing a secret project, spinning, and hopefully watching the Patriots beat the Broncos. in the battle of Evil vs. Jeebus, Pt II, i'm a fan of evil all the way.

Wyatt doesn't know what football is, but he hopes the Pats win so that his Mommy and Uncle Spicy won't throw things


  1. I covet that multi-color handspun! Awesome. The pattern you linked to is really cute. I'll have to remember that one. I've been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire, too. And some Black Keys, too, as I love them. Your Wyatt picture cracks me up, but not as much as the caption. ;) Hilarious. I would also be cool with a loss for Jeebus.

  2. Thanks for the link to the tights! I love wool tights and wear them lots in the winter, but they are hard to find. I find wool tights with a dress and boots to be warmer than wearing jeans.



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