Wednesday, January 11, 2012

it's a baby! bib

More Xmas gifts: Nicole is just starting to eat solids now so i thought it was time to send more bibs. i bought the best bib pattern from jcasa. there are a lot of free tutorials out there for bibs but this one came highly recommended across the interwebs and i am lazy. i will call it "supporting independent designers."
Best bibs
for my first batch i put that lot of laminated cotton i bought awhile back to use. i skipped batting and used terry cloth on the back. one thing about the pattern that is a teensy bit quirky is that the ties are not cut on the bias. i debated whether or not i should change it but in the end i went with saving fabric instead and it really wasn't too awful trying to get the straight grain ties to fit the curved bib. if you are the perfectionist type, you might want to cut them on the bias instead.
Best Bib
for the second batch lazy me grabbed the scraps leftover from making all those jane market bags and stitched them together. i again used terry cloth for the back but i did "quilt" around the patchwork seams to hold it all together.

it is a nice little easy-to-use pattern and i'm sure i'll revisit it to make bibs for Spicy's new nephew. he has completely forgotten that he already told me his brother was having a girl. luckily i haven't made anything yet besides the quilt.


  1. very cute!  I need to stock up on some laminated cotton...hmmm....!

  2. So cute! I bet the laminated cotton will be very much appreciated, but I totally love the second batch!

  3. they are so cut!  i am sure they will love the laminated cotton ones.  so easy to wipe up! 

  4. so cute. these are great colors.

  5. Those are some cute baby bibs! You never have enough of those with a newborn!
    -Jackie @ baby ties



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