Tuesday, January 10, 2012

here's a handspun hat that i forgot about

Susan's spinning bunny polwarth
i'm still trying to play catch-up. i spun some yarn and made a hat.
Susan's spinning bunny polwarth
this is worsted weight 2ply handspun polwarth from Susan's Spinning Bunny. i got the fiber at the 2011 Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. i do not have a picture of the original fiber because my cat nearly destroyed it. as a result, the fiber was very difficult to spin. it was felted in parts and generally sticky. i'm guessing it still had a bit of lanolin (which probably attracted the cat in the first place) and her excessive kneading and drooling did not help matters. i tore off staple lengths and spun longdraw from the fold. i'm pretty sure i felted the yarn to finish.
Susan's spinning bunny polwarth
i rarely use this shot because i'm not a huge fan of "handspun poo" pics but i thought i'd try something new. the yarn was very soft and lofty. i wrote down the yardage and weight on a piece of paper somewhere and now i have no idea what happened to it. i got about 200 yards.
Steve's hat
i used it to make another Hill Country Hat (pdf). i did at least one more round of increases (maybe 2?). this is one of my favorite patterns for men and it looks great in handspun. i used maybe just a little over half the skein. i also went whole hog and did a tubular bind-off. whenever i break down and do a tubular bind-off or cast-on, i usually conclude after i've finished that it is definitely not pretty enough to warrant the painassery it caused. that trend continues here. this hat was mailed home to my brother for Xmas.


  1. Nice hat! I agree about tubular cast on/offs.

  2. Despite the kitty attack to the fiber, this is gorgeous yarn. I really love it, and I can tell from the pictures that it's very soft. Nice pattern, too!



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