Monday, January 16, 2012

having my cupcake and skeining it too

Cupcake Fibers Mixed BFL/Silk
i thought my arm was going to fall off. i will be a joyously happy camper when my new skeiner finally comes.
Cupcake Fibers Mixed BFL/Silk
Cupcake Fibers gradient mixed BFL/silk
2ply laceweight
spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish

i divided the batts into 2 groups and arranged from light to dark. i then spun them in sequence on 2 bobbins and plied them together. any sort of mismatch from one color to the next i just went with to provide a gradual color transition. the leftovers on the last bobbin i andean plied to finish the skein. so i ended up with one skein of the full shebang--no leftovers.

despite the silk content it is not very shiny most likely due to the method of spinning. it's a little fuzzy and very soft. one day this will probably be a cardigan. i doubt i'll have the motivation to wind it into a ball anytime soon.


  1. That is seriously, one of the most gorgeous skeins of handspun I have ever seen.  WELL DONE!

  2. very pretty color sara! how long does it take you to spin a skein like that?

  3. Glorious yarn! I super love it, Sara. The color is fabulous and I can't believe how thin you can spin!



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