Sunday, January 01, 2012


Happy New Year! It can't be 2012 already can it? i wasn't quite ready for the world to come to an end. Just in case the apocalypse doesn't strike i thought i'd make some crafty plans for the new year. naturally i'll have to squeeze it in when i'm not training for the zombie apocalpyse.

Crochet: hmm, it'd probably be a good idea to try to finish my granny babette. hopefully i can squeeze in the time.
Babette Blanket Grannyized

Embroidery: I'd really like to do a quilt that focuses on embroidery, maybe for my stepmom.

Knitting: i have a couple of designs in the works that i should really try to publish soon. i still need winter mittens. and i really want a cabled shawl-collar cardigan. i'd also like to knit my dad a sweater.

Quilting: i have quilts to make for my mom, stepmom, and sister-in-law. plus i've already got a few quilts in progress that i should really finish. Spicy is already starting to complain that we have too many blankets. how can one have too many blankets? impossible, i say.

Sewing: ahh, here's the bulk of the plans because this is where my mind is right now. i'd like to make a winter skirt, 2 more pairs of wool pants, at least one button-down shirt, some work appropriate blouses, and let's throw in a winter dress just for the hell of it. then there's another wedding i have to attend in the summer (dammit) so i'll need a nice dress to wear to that. i'd also like to refashion a few things. i probably won't get to half of these things before it's too warm to wear them.

Photography: i've thought a lot about it. a weekly assignment is way too much commitment for me, but i would like to challenge myself a bit. i thought i'd try a monthly mini-series--maybe 2 or 3 pictures a month on some theme.

Spinning: i have some beautiful cormo that would make an awesome dad sweater. that might be a bit too ambitious though. i might limit myself to trying to spin down more of the stash. because i really might actually go to rhinebeck this year. or maybe i should try the sewing summit instead. we'll see.

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  1. Good goals! And I vote for Sewing Summit. But that's just selfishness talking. ;)



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