Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: FtLoS Swap 2 Edition

For the love of solids swap 2
It has been discussed in the For the Love of Solids group that our inspiration mosaics can sometimes be too vague. What is it you like about the pictures? is it the blocks or the colors? or maybe the objects? i thought it might help my partner if I explain what I like about each of the photos in my mosaic in more detail.

Starting from the top, from left to right
1) I love shades of gray. i like this one because it combines different shades of gray with white and has little pops of color. The color and the graphic bold design is what i love about this quilt.

2) I like the layout of this block and how it combines piecing and applique. I also really like bird motifs.

3) more gray with color. i like how small the pinwheels are in comparison to the background. i think one of the reasons i am not enamoured with my latest quilt top is that it's too much bold color with nowhere for the eye to rest. i like it when bright color is contained by neutrals.

4) i want to marry this quilt. i love the pattern and i adore how she used light and dark of the same hues. this is one of my favorite quilts ever.

5) on this one, i love the large scale of the pattern and its deceptive simplicity. i also like how subtle the colors are. i love the quilting.

6) i love simple patchwork. i like how on this one there is a lot of color with pops of gray instead of the reverse.

7) i like the use of negative space and how it makes the bright stars really pop. i also like that the stars are all different sizes.

8) i really love this one. i love how it looks like a big paint chip.

9) on this one i most like the design. i like how the person used a limited color palette but utilized different shades to give it more depth.

one more thing: i know a lot of people really hate his work, but i really like these spot paintings. i think that it would make a wonderful inspiration for a quilt.

i hope that helps you out on making your decisions, partner! i'm sure i will love anything that you choose.


  1. I bet you will have another successful FTLOS. Your project for the first round (especially the plus pouch) was a definite fave. I also want to marry #4. Like, a lot.

  2. i love all of your choices! i want to marry #5! so so pretty!



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