Tuesday, December 13, 2011

trying my patience

i got to use my new favorite swear nonsense word many times while spinning this yarn. normally when i am spinning, i am not that anal about little imperfections, but it's a slippery slope. first i find myself picking out major pills, VM, or felted bits of fluff. but then i'm already starting and stopping a lot so i should take the time to remove slightly smaller yucky bits. and then i find myself obsessively removing every tiny little imperfection, which destroys any sort of soothing rhythm that threatens to develop. that's what spinning this skein was like. it's more inconsistent than usual because it's hard to keep a constant thickness when you stop every five seconds.
Two if by Hand MCN
here's what i can say about it: it's pretty and soft. The fiber is Two if by Hand MCN in Radical Librarian. I spun the singles short-forward draw and soaked/thwacked to finish. it's chain-plied, worsted weight, 207yds/120g.
Two if by Hand MCN
i don't think i will buy any more merino/cashmere/nylon without the ability to inspect it in person. i suspect that it's too fragile to withstand a normal handpainting process, which is why i waited to dye my last MCN yarn until after it was spun. i would purchase fiber from TIBH again, just not MCN.

now that the drama is over, i do kind of like the yarn. i want a new pair of winter mittens but i need to put some distance between me and this skein for awhile.


  1. Oh, shitballs. Yep. I might start saying that. This yarn is beautiful. I'm sorry it was such a pain to spin. Hopefully, you can come to terms with it soon and knit those mittens.

  2. The colors are very pretty! I'm glad you still like it, after spinning was not so much fun.



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