Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Reading material

Colette Sewing Handbook and Modern Blocks
i admire the aesthetic of Colette Patterns and follow the blog regularly, so i was excited when her book was released. i haven't had a lot of time to do more than browse, but i love how clear the technique photos are. there's a lot of information packed into this book. much of what's presented isn't new to me but i appreciate how thorough it is and i managed to learn a couple of new things already anyway, like how to make tailor's tacks. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend the book for a beginner and for intermediate+ users as well, as long as you like the patterns. my favorite pattern in the book is the sleeveless dress with the peplum. i think it would make a lovely holiday party dress. i've actually been sewing some clothing lately but i haven't had enough daylight to take any pictures.

The second book is Modern Blocks. The presentation is also lovely and i'm particularly fond of the blocks contributed by Weeks and Ringle but i kind of wish I had browsed through this one before buying it. i wasn't too interested in much of the selection but there are a few that i really liked. it will be fun to use the book to add some blocks for my sampler quilt that i haven't worked on in ages.


  1. I think I will pick up the Colette book. From what I've seen, it's a great resource. I can definitely stand to learn a few things about garment making. I'm curious to see what you've made lately! I hate that it's completely dark after work these days. It makes blogging a little more difficult.

  2. that colette book is on my christmas list.  

  3. I've got those as well. The Colette one is very nice, though I'm not sure how much actual use I'll get out of it. I've been trying to go through my books first to look for patterns, but I tend to end up by individual patterns for clothing. I like the Modern Blocks book as a good inspiration book for future block swaps. Some of the patterns felt like they were phoning it in, but that's pretty much true of any block library.



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