Friday, December 23, 2011

Linky Loo Friday

Today's my last day of work for the year. I'll be off all next week so I won't be around this space for awhile. i have a couple of planned year end posts, but otherwise i will see everyone in the new year!

I know that everyone has probably seen it already but Handmade Ryan Gosling makes me chuckle. and i thought nothing could top Typographer RG.

Spicy and I have gotten addicted to Misfits. i heart hulu.

i really love this little mitten ornament. i might make one for a friend. these are really nice too.

sneak previews of the January DS line are up. i don't really care for this one. but we'll see how i feel about it when i see it in person.

i finally bought a new ipod. i can't wait to get it in the mail. does anyone have any useful crafty app suggestions? i'm new to the whole thing. assume i know nothing.

my brother took another picture of Nicole wearing one of the sweaters i made for her. she's getting so big already!

on my week off i still have one xmas gift to finish (shame face) and i will be working on sewing some winter clothes, spinning some lovely bfl/silk, and trimming. oh there will be trimming. what will you do?


  1. Awww!  So cute!!!
    HOly I'm not really a Ryan Gosling fan, but that site is HI-larious! 

  2. Yeah, I've been loling over the whole handmade RG phenomenon. Crazy funny. Nicole is adorable! Don't be ashamed about the gift; it happens! Enjoy your break, Sara!

  3. I love Misfits too. Future Simon is a hottie.

  4. I will relax and go to the beach!  Merry Christmas!  Have a wonderful break!

  5. nicole is such a cute little peanut!  she looks adorable in that sweater!  i will be staying up late finishing gifts also... (shame face)... i am the queen of last minute! 

  6. Have a wonderful break!  I think we could all use some not-working.



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