Monday, December 12, 2011

i always knew my versatility would get me in trouble someday

Jacey awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Jacey! I had not heard of this award before but hey. i'm always up for narcissistic displays of self-revelation. I believe I am supposed to reveal seven things about myself and then infect nominate a few more people.

1) i have no athletic ability but i enjoy watching sports. my favorites are basketball and tennis and i also watch football. i like to think of sport as kinesthetic art. mostly i enjoy watching individuals do amazing things. because i have issues with being of small stature, the athletes i like to watch tend to be short, like Maurice Jones-Drew or Darren Sproles. naturally in my mind the greatest athlete of all time was Muggsy Bogues. seriously though my favorite athlete is probably Roger Federer.

2) my recent most favorite curse is Shit-Balls. it doesn't make any sense but it sounds funny. actually the word Balls by itself is pretty funny to say. just say it in your head with me. Balls. tee-hee.

3) i overresearch everything. i am basically the opposite of an impulse shopper. we need a new universal remote for our bedroom and i gave myself a headache spending 2 hours on amazon trying to find the perfect one, finally giving up in despair. it took me a full week to pinpoint the holy grail of yarn swifts. i am nothing if not thorough.

4) i have a weakness for trashy tv. i can usually avoid it but occasionally i will get sucked into things like top model and the bachelor. when i was in college, 2 of my friends and i used to joke about starting a business called Mindfuck, Inc., in which we would get people to participate in all kinds of unethical experiments. then reality tv came along and pretty much fulfilled all of our mindfuckery needs.

5) i say, "I tole you I ain't a bear!" all the time. people usually give me blank stares. in fact, i get blank stares a lot. this is why i try my best not to talk to people. i like to see myself as the Zooey Deschanel character in New Girl, except that I am not cute and winning in vintage-y clothes. i'm more awkward and alienating in clothes that i make myself and hope that no one notices or says anything. someone at work recently asked me if i'm a Scrooge and I just said, "Yep," and went on about my business.

6) i have multiple pictures of Matthew Mcconaughey and one picture of Ryan Reynolds hanging on my office door. I did not place any of the pictures there--my office mate did. She finds both quite attractive and cut said pictures out of People magazine so that I might derive enjoyment from them. I did not bother to tell her that i'm more of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Adam Scott kinda gal. i pray that none of my superiors ever calls me on the beefcake on my door. mostly i'm just worried that they will think i have terrible taste.

7) this probably isn't the smartest thing to admit, but i sometimes don't like to work samples for my own patterns. the fun part for me is the idea. once i've thought through the concept, charted it out, and swatched, the excitement is generally over. the actual execution of the item can be boring, especially if i'm on a deadline and can't work on anything else. if i have to make more than one of a particular pattern, it can be torture.

ok, it's Sharing Time! i'd like to give the award to:
Bezzie because her stories are always entertaining
Melissa because i admire her taste.


  1. that simpsons video was hilarious!  i watched it three time!  rawr rawr! ha ha!

  2. I have to say, I love you a little more after reading this. First Muggsy! Loved him. Lots. I also love how you basically came up with the idea of reality tv before it existed. ;)
    I'm also a Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Adam Scott kind of girl. I'm not big on either of the two that got posted on your door. Not hot. You crack me up, Sara!

  3. Ha ha!  They're too hot...I prefer mine kinda nerdy. 
    I'll have to come up with a post for this award this week!



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