Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites: Year End Edition

The thought of doing a year-end summation post was exhausting. the problem is, I just do too much crap. there is no way i would even remember half of the stuff i'd worked on if i didn't catalog it on the blog. if i made a mosaic with all of my projects in 2011 it would be completely unwieldy. i wracked my brain to come up with a solution and landed upon a year-end favorites edition. so without further adieu, here are my most favoritest things i've made in 2011:

Favorite Crocheted Thing: Granny Ripple Blanket
Granny Ripple
Pretty! Stripey! Fast! Sock Yarn Leftovers!

Favorite Dyed Thing: Honey Handspun
Honey Handspun
I love how the fibers took the dye at different rates. this is one of those things that would be next to impossible to find in a store. making stuff yourself can be so rewarding. and i got a pretty cool hat out of it too.

Favorite Embroidered Thing: Arrested Development Pillow
Arrested Development Pillow
There's always money in the banana stand. ooh, i should make a sequel with the banana-grabber character! but i will totally retain the animation rights. maybe next year.

Favorite Knitted Thing: Adele
Adele IIAdele I
i love both the red one and the blue one. i couldn't decide which one i liked more. the red one is better for winter because it's thicker and warmer but the blue one is so delicate and pretty. i love leaf motifs. also, i'm really glad i bought a better camera.

Favorite Quilted Thing: Dad's Quilt
Dad's quilt
i've actually made quite a few quilts this year. it was hard for me to pick a favorite but i chose this one for sentimental reasons. not only do i love the finished quilt but i got to give it to my dad in person. he really seemed to love it and said he was proud of my accomplishments. it meant a lot to me. i'm hoping to make a quilt for each of my other family members in 2012. i still have my mom, my stepmother, and my sister-in-law to go.

Favorite Sewn Thing: Peggy Olsen Dress
My Peggy Olson Dress
this was another really tough one. my black pants are definitely the most practical but this one was more fun.

Favorite Photo: Blackkitty
i don't get a lot of pictures of blackkitty because she's camera shy. she has a nice habit of walking away right as i'm ready to take the picture. but i got a good one here. i love her focus and expression. i'm hoping to take more pictures in 2012. maybe i should try to make it a weekly thing.

Favorite Handspun: Gale's Art Silk Lace
Gale's Art Tussah Silk Handspun
lordy bejebus it took forever to spin. but 1232yds feels like a nice achievement. maybe i will even knit it someday.

and that's all, folks! what were your favorite projects of the year?


  1. such a great year of making lovely things! happy 2012!

  2. So many beautiful things. From yours I like the dyed handspun yarn most, such a pretty honey color! I've looked over my FO's and can't say which one I liked best.
    Happy Year 2012!

  3. Those are all fabulous!  Don't know what's better, the dress, the yarn, the color of your Adele... my cat says the black kitty is best of all, and I dare not disagree.  She's curled up behind me, taking up half the chair, and it's been at least a week or two since she should have had a claw trim...

  4. Ha ha!  That pillow still makes me laugh!  Great round up! 

  5. So many lovely things! Your red, white and blue quilt is my favorite as well! 

  6. Nice idea for a year-end post! I might have to copy you.

    You are such a versatile crafter--I admire all your different skills. The Arrested Development pillow is definitely among my favorites of your projects. Great execution, colors, and font choices.

  7. Great recap!  You've made some beautiful things this year.  Can't wait to see what you come up with in the coming year.  All the best to you in 2012!

  8. You've done some wonderful things in 2011 so I know you'll do loads more of your great goals in 2012.

  9. Your Peggy Olsen dress is such a stunner. And I truly, truly love the Arrested Development pillow. So much. Happy new year, Sara!



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