Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Setting goals

Wonky Quilt Bee
I would really like to finish 2 more quilts this year, this being one of them. The lovely ladies in the Wonky Quilt Bee made me these blocks (plus the one nice lady in the Simple Modern Quilt Bee). Shamefully I haven't had time to do any blocks of my own. I really don't have a plan yet and I'm working on the other quilt right now. So I have a small amount of time to think it over.


  1. gosh i've been terrible at finishing bee quilts. i love this goal. best of luck with those lovely blocks!

  2. I think you can totally swing two more quilts this year! I have the same goal, to finish my Swoon and a quilt for my sister. I have her top finished, but need to get the other three Swoon blocks finished!



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