Friday, November 11, 2011

Linky-loo Friday and a Sneak Peak

It's almost time for Winter Knitcircus, which means that I can share a sneak peak of my upcoming design. Let's just say that my pattern is pictured here. I'm tremendously excited about it, and I'll be doing another giveaway and pattern sale next week.

Denyse Schmidt is totally out of control with her fabric releases. i actually like this collection a bit less than her previous ones, but there are a few pieces i'll probably pick up.

i got bit by the echo bug in a big way. there's already so many lovely quilts using the line. i picked up a fq bundle plus a couple other prints from marmalade fabrics.

i'm going to keep gift-giving simple this year. basically everybody's getting a jane market bag and probably a baked good, plus I'll make a couple of little things for Nicole. it's too bad that all i want to do is sew myself a new bag instead, like Noodlehead's go anywhere bag. maybe after the holidays.

my weekend will be concentrated on sweaters and spinning and secret quilting. i hope yours will be as fun-filled.


  1. Is it the first one in the link??? Yay for another design, Sara! I can't wait to see the full reveal!I'm also totally craving the Echo. Lots. I picked up a few DS prints yesterday. I got the orange with blue flowers, and two patchworky blue ones that I liked.

  2. i agree with you about ds.  it is a little out of control!  but i have to say i think i like these better than her previous collections.  i really like some of the smaller scale prints.  we will see if my joanns gets any.  i also have the echo bug.  i think i am going to wait a bit longer to make sure.  hoping i am on your list to get a jane market bag!  ;)  kidding kidding... kindof. ;)



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