Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the gift parade continues

Spicy and I are celebrating 5 years together by going camping for Thanksgiving. If you never hear from me again, we were probably eaten by bears.
there were quite a few patterns in the new issue of twist collective that called to me, but none more than Yukimi. i loved the clever leaf shaping at the crown. Since it came in such a big size range, I decided to make one for my sister-in-law and one for my niece. Hopefully it's not too weird to have mother-daughter hats. they don't have to wear them at the same time, i suppose.
mother-daughter hats
Pattern: Yukimi (rav)
Yarns: Allspunup alpaca/merino/silk 4ply handspun and Madelinetosh dk in seaglass
Size: M and XS
Needles: #5 and #2 knitpicks circs
Started: November 15, Finished: November 19

i loved the pattern so much that i might make one for myself eventually. i'm not the biggest fan of seed stitch but it doesn't take all that long since it's a hat. i'm really pleased with the allspunup handspun. i don't love spinning yarns with large percentages of alpaca but the finished yarn turned out soft and a little fuzzy.
Jane Market bag
my final project of the weekend was another Jane Market bag. i used craft fuse interfacing for all exterior pieces except the pocket and a lightweight interfacing for the lining. i like the weight and stiffness of this bag best. i used some japanese fabric that i'd bought from etsy awhile back. this one is for a friend of mine but i am half tempted to make an identical version for myself. these will be my final entries for celebrate color. it's been great fun participating and sharing my work. there are so many beautiful items in the pools.

i hope all of you celebrating thanksgiving have a lovely weekend.


  1. love the hats so much sara.  i think matching mother daughter hats are a great idea!  ;)  love the jane bag also.  it is on my list of "to make" for christmas!

  2. Love your hats!  Not too matchy as you used different colors. Seeing your hats makes me want to knit one.  Sometimes you have to see them knit in another yarn ;) Nice bag too!

  3. I really love the hats. I hadn't perused the latest twist yet. I just did, and added this hat to the queue. I especially love that green! Your Jane looks great, too!

  4. FO's, you are amazing. I don't know how you do it.  :)



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