Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What I've been up to

playing 8-bit video games

making homemade laundry soap and dishwashing detergent

buying a new winter coat and boots

reading up on bunnies

enjoying the latest Ravelry drama

watching Prohibition

crafty endeavors: FAIL. i don't wanna talk about it.


  1. Are you going to get an angora? My friend bought one at Rhinebeck for less than $100 last year, and he is the most amazing rabbit ever! If you're going, I can give you the name of the breeder.

  2. holy crap.  ravelry... wow!  i guess you can say people are angry at her?  drama drama drama!
    love the coat.  what color did you get?
    are you getting a bunny?
    we watched prohibition on pbs the other night.  very interesting.

  3. I had to click on Ravelry drama. :o)

  4. Oh I know I said that the last comment I made would be the last for this post, but apparently I fib ;)  I wanted to let you know that if you add either a color safe bleach powder or the Oxy Clean (generic) powder to your homemade laundry soap, it does a better job at cleaning.  I just add a cup of it to the recipe. 



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