Monday, October 24, 2011

i'm sick of raglans

if you are a knitter, you've probably noticed that raglans are super popular. i have knit a whole bunch of them myself. they are often suggested to a newer knitter because the regular yoke increases (or decreases depending on whether you're doing top-down or bottom-up) are easy to work and they are even easier to write for pattern designers.

but lately i've decided i've had my fill. somewhere along the way i realized that seaming is just not that big of a deal (and might even be SHOCKINGLY enjoyable) and i like the fit of set-in sleeves better than yokes or raglans. they also look better on my broad-shouldered body type. so i'm taking a break. i'm not saying i'll never knit another raglan as long as i live or anything but it's nice to work on other things. to be fair i'm conflating this issue with knitting in pieces versus knitting in the round but raglans and knitting in the round often go hand-in-hand.
Spicy's sweater
i promised Spicy a new sweater for his birthday so i have to get cracking. i'm designing a saddle-shouldered pullover in knit picks WOTA tweed. it'll be nice and simple with some texture to keep it from being too boring. it's being worked flat because it's too heavy to work on a big men's sweater in one piece. i can't imagine how unbearable it would be once i got to the sleeves. i'm also working with him to adhere to his many specifications. you would think that someone who likes things to be so plain would not be picky. you (and i) would be wrong. at least i can be confident that this design will have the man stamp of approval.


  1. the sweater looks very pretty oh i mean masculine so far.  i really need to learn how to knit.

  2. I love tweedy yarns so much. I've never finished a in-pieces sweater, so I really can't speak about a comparison. I can understand why the fit would be better in a seamed garment, though. I've got one that is literally half a piece (a front, I think) from being done in pieces. Also, my now 3.5 year old CPH is almost finished. Gah. I need to get on that.



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