Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

I can't find any screen shots yet, but did anyone see how great the ski sweaters were in Jeff's story on Community last night? i need more norwegian stranded colorwork in my life.

i'm so happy that my slippers made the finals of October's Celebrate Color! head on over here to vote--there's so many lovely projects.
Friday Favorites 10/28
1. Round crochet cushion complete, 2. 241 Tote, 3. Alice's Hexagon Quilt, 4., 5. full view, 6. IMG_0968, 7. telemark1, 8. handspun rainbow details, 9. Hither socks

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have a good weekend! hopefully i'll be back next week with some warm and colorful woolens.


  1. Good luck on the slippers! I voted for you. Wouldn't it be funny if you won for needlepoint every month when it's your most newly acquired craft?

    I feel honored to have made it into the Friday Favorites!

  2. Hey, did you know you're a finalist for Stitched in Color for October? I voted for you! :)

  3. i totally voted for your cute slippers!

  4. Mmm, lovely choices! That colorwork sweater is incredible!



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