Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bunnysilk Cashmerino

i recently bought a light brownish-grey winter coat. i wanted mustard colored accessories to match. i spent over a week searching for the perfect yarn but i couldn't quite find it. not only was i looking for a specific color but i wanted something very soft and warm that would wear reasonably well since i'll be wearing it constantly throughout the winter. finally i gave up and decided to spin the yarn myself.
Honey Handspun
this is a 4ply light worsted weight handspun, 242yds/140g. it has one ply of tussah silk, one ply of english angora, and 2 plies of superwash merino/cashmere/nylon. that makes the final blend 25/25/40/5/5% for those counting at home.
Honey Handspun
i carded the angora into rolags. the other 2 fibers i spun from the fold. the majority was spun longdraw and tightly plied. i spun the silk short-forward draw to tamp down the fuzziness and up the shine. i used acid dyes and i didn't quite get the color i was looking for, but close enough. i love how the dye took to the individual fibers differently. at close inspection, i think the angora barely took any color at all. i love how soft and bouncy the yarn is. hopefully it's warm too.

my only concern is i probably don't have enough for both a hat and mittens but i got impatient. if i can only do one or the other i'll probably spin up the same blend and dye it turquoise.


  1. Ooo...I really like that! 
    I'm on the hunt for some thick red yarn for a winter scarf for myself.  Great idea spinning it yourself, I might end up doing that!

  2. oh my!  sara it is gorgeous!  i can't wait to see your new scarf!  and i hope you tell us when random people start saying... "wow that is a beautiful scarf!  where did you buy it?"  

  3. I liked it when I saw it on ravelry, but knowing the story behind it I LOVE it! The color is gorgeous, and I like how the strands took the dye differently. Great job!

  4. The new yarn is amazing! I love the color. I've been so mustardy lately!



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