Wednesday, October 12, 2011

always planning ahead

right now i'm finishing up a sweater that i started back in August 2010, so it'll be another slow week blog-wise.

I was very fortunate to win 1st prize of September's Celebrate Color finals in handstitching! i received the entire Alphabet collection from Penguin and Fish. thanks to Rachel for hosting such a great contest. hopefully i can get something cute stitched up this month. we just found out that Spicy's brother and his wife are expecting their first, so there is no shortage of baby stuff to work on.
Sugar Creek
the red prints in Sugar Creek finally came to my joann's. i bought half yards of everything except for 2 yards of the large floral.
Sugar Creek
i like this collection more than picnic and fairgrounds. it's a little outside my color comfort zone but i think it'll be perfect for my mom. i've been debating over which pattern i should do. right now i'm leaning towards Small Plates from the Practical Guide to Patchwork. i know that my mother would probably prefer something more traditional rather than wonky. if you had this stack of prints, what would you make?


  1. I think Small Plates would be a good choice for this line! Or what about the Birdbath pattern from that book? I don't know if you have enough fabric, but it's another nice pattern.

  2. oh what would i make...  i would probably use them to make the seville pattern from cluck cluck sew.  it only takes 10 fat quarters so that would leave you with quite a bit of fabric that you could make something else with.  i really like this line much more than picnic and fairgrounds too.  my joanns only got six of the blues and no reds since i was there last.  bummer. 

  3. I love the spool quilt pattern so that would be what I would make :)  She will love whatever you make her though.

  4. I think I would make something with flying geese or pinwheels on a white ground. Like maybe this pattern:
    or this one:



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