Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty Yarn Day: The Neverending Skein

This skein of yarn literally took me months to spin. It started as 2oz of Gale's Art tussah silk top that i got at MDSW in 2010. I spun the singles longdraw from the fold on my rose. I was surprised and dismayed by how hairy the singles were.
Gale's Art Tussah Silk Handspun
The plying took days. my poor knees can't take much more abuse. this skein has seriously made me consider buying a minispinner for plying. i tried to andean ply the leftovers but eventually gave up, so there was a small tangle of waste.
Gale's Art Tussah Silk Handspun
I ended up with 1232yds/60g of 2ply. I finished the skein by soaking and snapping (I resisted the urge to thwack). I was happy that the hairiness really tamed down in the finished yarn and it's reasonably smooth and shiny. it's also very soft. when i spun the singles they really needed a lot of twist to hold together so i feared that the end result would be unpleasant but it's quite nice to touch.

it's also very very thin--definitely the thinnest yarn i've ever spun. it might be the thinnest yarn i'll ever spin, because i have no desire whatsoever to do this again any time in the near future. i told Spicy that sometimes you get caught up in spinning as thinly as possible just to see if you can and then you end up with an end product that's too thin for practical use. he suggested that i make a really delicate shawl and i agreed that it would be the ideal know, one of those things that i never wear.

so it's going in the stash for awhile. i'm tempted to call it an end unto itself and let it stay there. and now i'm feeling the urge to go spin something thick and squooshy.


  1. I can't believe how thin this is, and how much yardage you wrangled out of that fiber. Incredible! I love the color, and I'm glad it lost some of its fuzziness after washing. I don't blame you for wanting to admire it from afar for awhile.

  2. it is so pretty!  and soooo thin! 

  3. It's so gorgeous! I hope you find a project for it eventually!

  4. wow!  1200 yards of silk!  I am very impressed. Yes, I agree, probably a once in a lifetime thing. I myself don't have the patience but I must admit, I also have a silk project I'm spinning, lace weight, on drop spindles! Hah! Shoot me now.  I'm not in a hurry though. One of those spin-as-you-watch-TV kind of thing.  Yours is very nice.  Perfect for a shawl.



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