Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pretty Pincushions

So FYI: I made it to the finalist round on feeddog's blog but now there's a new poll in the sidebar. if you could take a minute to vote i'd really appreciate it.
New Pincushion
my old pincushion has seen better days. i went to petco and bought a ginormous bag of crushed walnut shells. i used the cotton/linen swatch i got during free sample day at spoonflower and some bright happy scraps and did a warm/cool wonky log cabin. i quilted it with cotton batting and thread and used a bit of leftover fun fabric for the back.
New Pincushion Back
then i made another one because lazy me enjoys having pins on both sides of her sewing table so i can use them while cutting or sewing.
Pincushion 2
this one i pieced but did not quilt. i found it a little bit difficult to get the pins into the first cushion. this one doesn't seem quite firm enough. so next time i will quilt to a thin layer, either another layer of cotton or maybe flannel.
Pincushion 2
both cushions are approximately 4.5", though the first isn't square. these are really fun to make. i might have to whip out a few more. i certainly have enough crushed walnut shells to last me for decades.


  1. Cute pincushions!  I'd have a hard time keeping them away from the furbags though!  ha ha!
    I voted for you're wavy lines and b/c I hate acorns (acorns = squirrel food!)

  2. Yeah that's YOUR wavy lines.  Gah!

  3. I voted again! I hope you win. Your new pincushions are adorable. I think having two pincushions is completely justifiable, and I never would have thought to buy walnut shells at Petco.

  4. Cute!  You know, I don't own a pin cushion.  That's not a bad project to pull the sewing machine out for.  It's immediately useful for the next project!  Maybe that might get me to sew.

  5. I voted! hope you win!!!

  6. i have always wanted to make a pincushion but had no idea where to get the crushed walnut shells.  petco here i come!



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