Monday, September 12, 2011

Nicole's Rainbow

February Baby Sweater
Pattern: February Baby Sweater from knitter's almanac (sort of)
Yarn: alchemy fibre arts superwash merino handspun
Needles: #10 knitpicks harmonies
Started: August 25, Finished: August 26

I'm pretty sure that the February Baby Sweater is a knitting rite of passage. this is my first one, but it probably won't be the last. i used my chunky chain-plied handspun. it was a lot thicker than the pattern dictated so i adjusted the numbers for my gauge and eliminated the lace since the yarn is pretty loud by itself. i also knit the sleeves in the round. to be honest i forgot to work buttonholes so i added embroidery floss loop buttonholes afterwards using this tutorial. i liked the technique a lot and will probably use it again.

unfortunately even after months in storage, the scented yarn still aggravated my allergies pretty bad so i don't think i'll be ordering from alchemy fibre arts again. the yarn itself is lovely though.

the superwash merino i bought recently will be a baby surprise jacket. slowly working my way through the EZ canon, one sweater at a time.


  1. Ooo!  Very pretty!  I've made the February Lady Sweater....does that count?  Ha ha!

  2. it is very cute sara!  bummer about your allergies, it is great yarn.

  3. It's so cute. Too bad the yarn still gave you fits, but your pain and suffering seem to be worth it!

  4. Oh my god, it's so colorful - imagine me saying that in an awe-inspired way, not in a "it's godzilla" way! Really, this is the prettiest February Baby I've seen!

    I've never knit an EZ pattern.  Am I a freak?

  5. Babyspawn is going to be the most stylin' baby on the block with all the cute things auntie is making for her!

  6. so cute! and beautiful colors! too bad about the allergies, though.



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