Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bee Blocks

3x6 bee, Q3, Hive 15
I completed my blocks for the 3x6 bee awhile back. my hive is really on the ball--i've already received 5 of my blocks in the mail. I finally broke down and bought some specialty rulers and one of them was a flying geese ruler. there's no eliminating trimming (dammit) but the ruler does make it easier and faster to make geese. i played around with several layouts and i was going to do something like this, but then i played around with it a little more and came up with the design above. if it has an official name, i don't know what it is but i liked the hourglass-y effect it has in the center.
Wonky Quilt Bee September
for the Wonky Bee, Nicke asked for liberated shoo-fly blocks. these were easy and fun, so i made 3. she sent It's a Hoot fabrics, which i adore. i should really make a quilt from my own hoot stash soon.


  1. I love the 3X6 blocks. Very cool! And your blocks for Nicke look great. I started mine last night, and it also got me thinking about using my Hoot stash. I'm planning to make a quilt for my sister's Christmas gift. Do you know how you're going to use yours yet? I was thinking of wonky log cabins, mostly because I don't get tired of them very easily, and I'll need a lot for Jill's quilt.

  2. Those are some really neat quilt blocks!



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