Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a teeny bag

so i love the gigantic purse for work, but it is so large that little items tend to get lost in there. i just bought a 16GB card for my new camera and in the short few weeks that i've had it, i've been completely convinced that i lost it at least 3 times. i decided it was time to make a bag for that and my backup memory stick so that i can stop the panic attacks only to discover 3 days later that it was stuck in my shoe (true story, btw).
Key Keeper Coin Purse
i made the Key Keeper Coin Purse from Style Stitches. i used little bits of fat quarters. it hardly uses any fabric at all.
Key Keeper Coin Purse
one error i made was i cut out and interfaced the pocket and then completely forgot to baste it to the lining before putting the bag together. then again, i doubt i'd use a pocket on a bag this small so i don't really miss it. the instructions were pretty easy to follow. i don't love the way that AB does zipper installation so i might sub another method next time.

it's little and cute and i made it in a stand-out fabric so that i can find it easily. yay, no more bits and bobbles getting lost in my purse!


  1. How very cute that little bag is!

  2. It's such an adorable little pouch, and practical, too!

  3. oh, super cute! and the dots work really well with the shape of the purse. sweet!



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